A Lending Club Filter

I’m now using LendingRobot for automated purchases instead of this Lending Club Filter. Follow this link for all the latest on my Lending Club investing performance. Click here to learn more about opening an account. For tracking Lending Club and other investments, check out Personal Capital to calculate your net worth in real time.  On […]

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Investment Income Update – Nov 15th 2013

The Investment Income tab on my blog has been updated here as of November 15th.  This page outlines my portfolio of investments and the income they generate on a yearly and average monthly basis.  Also included is a chart with a historical look at my investment income since October 15th 2003. Unlike a lot of […]

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Small Rental

Extra Mortgage Payments: Math vs. Comfort

Track your net worth and debt repayment strategy with Personal Capital. The best tool on the internet for tracking your investments and cash flow. Best of all, it’s 100% free.  Currently I am not making any extra mortgage payments to my primary residence or investment property mortgages.  This fact makes me uncomfortable and a little […]

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College costs skyrocket

The Best 529 Plan For My Daughter Is Not As Perfect As She Is

I recently opened a new 529 account for my daughter’s college savings.  After a lot of thought, and without much fanfare, I have decided to use the Virginia 529 inVest Plan, the same plan I use for my son. From my research, it’s the best 529 plan available for our family. I have written an […]

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Patience Pays – 16 Years of Buying and Holding Coca-Cola

Thanks to all who read and shared my recent post CVX and How I Got Started Dividend Investing. The response and feedback was tremendous. Because of the response, I have decided to write about another successful investment, buying and holding Coca-Cola (KO). Anyone reading this blog has probably read quite a few articles already about […]

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CSX DRIP Investment Initiated

Update 11/16/2015: I recently transferred my shares out of the CSX DRIP and into TD Ameritrade. I found the Broadridge CSX DRIP to be a complication on my finances, and they charged fees. Now I’m tracking my investments through TD Ameritrade, Loyal3, and Personal Capital (a free and powerful investment tracker). For a guide on […]

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Why I Don’t Read Travel Blogs

While this blog is relatively new, my goal to retire a year before my Dad retired is not. The goal has been around since October 2002, shortly after he stopped working. Back then at age 27, I had a lot of time to start getting serious about saving for retirement. But I was not serious […]

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A Brief History of My Debt

As a general rule, I am against using debt to buy things. Long ago my Dad explained that it is best to pay off credit cards every month. He told me this before I even understood what carrying a balance meant.  The one exception I hold for debt usage in personal finance is real estate. […]

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