The Best (Free) Deal for Aspiring Real Estate Investors Right Now 

I want to direct your attention to a great deal being offered right now by my friend and blogging ‘colleague’ Chad Carson of

Chad is a bona fide real estate expert. He learned about real estate investing the hard way, from bootstrapping in his early twenties to running a professional business today.

While managing his business, he also helps others learn to build income streams and wealth with real estate, empowering people to retire early and do what matters in life. 

I met Chad at a blogger conference in Charlotte back in 2015. He gave me advice about my rental property over a few late-night beers (alongside a few bull riders who were in town for a rodeo).

He taught me it was OK to sell a non-producing property. He also suggested that paying down the mortgage on a rental property instead of borrowing to buy more may be right for some investors, especially those looking to create more freedom in their lives.  

I’ve featured him on RBD twice. First in June 2017 when he wrote a lengthy guest post about moving to Ecuador with his family. Then I hosted a free book giveaway last October to help launch his book Retire Early with Real Estate.  

Ever since I met Chad and started reading his material, I’ve considered his real estate investing content to be the best on the internet. It’s genuine, concise, and sets realistic expectations (real estate investing is not easy). 

Despite owning a lousy rental condo for 12+ years, I still believe real estate is the best investment for income, capital appreciation, and tax efficiency.

However, my property investing aspirations have faded a bit in favor of real estate crowdfunding. But if market conditions change, I would consider getting back into the game now that I have cash sitting idle in my high-yield savings account

If you have any aspirations about investing in real estate in the future, I highly recommend signing up for Chad’s free email course.

The Deal

OK, so here’s the deal. Chad has a free email course that teaches you some of the basics of real estate investing. Think of it as a starter course that will make you ready to start exploring for properties with foundational knowledge in your back pocket. 

When you sign up for the free email course, you’ll get seven days of emails with useful information about building wealth and freedom with real estate. 

Plus, there are three bonus videos towards the end (95 minutes worth). 

You can also access the course on his website and read it all at once, plus get access to the videos. You’ll learn how in the first email you receive — all free.

Sign up for the free email course below (more details follow):

Here’s are some details from the website:

Getting started with real estate investing can seem overwhelming. That’s why this free email series breaks the process down into seven simple, practical steps. Once you learn and apply the steps yourself, you can gain momentum towards your first real estate deal. You’ll receive these email lessons from experienced real estate investor, early retiree, and teacher Chad “Coach” Carson. Each lesson will give you the best tips he has learned from purchasing and managing hundreds of properties as a full-time real estate investor for 17+ years. After each lesson, you are welcome to leave your questions in free discussion forums so that you can get clarity and support directly from Chad.

I’ve gone through the course myself. Here’s a list of the topics covered:

  • Identifying your Wealth Stage
  • Choosing a Specific Real Estate Strategy
  • Picking the Right Market to Invest in Real Estate
  • Deciding your Investment Property Criteria
  • Choosing an All-Star Team
  • Lining up Financing and Down Payments for your Properties
  • Finding Good Real Estate Deals

But that’s not all! The three bonus videos discuss strategies to get started investing, common mistakes new investors make, and FAQs for newbies.

If you don’t like signing up for email lists, you can go straight to his website archive to get a ton of free articles. 

Sign up

All you have to do is enter your email address in the form below to get started. You’ll get one email per day for the next seven days, plus you get access to his regular newsletter. If you decide you don’t like the content, it’s easy to unsubscribe from all future emails at any time. But if you’re curious about investing in real estate, you’re going to like it. 

Photo via DepositPhotos used under license

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