OnlyFans Stock: Will This Private Purveyor of Private Parts Go Public?

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Latest OnlyFans Stock IPO News

08/24/2023: OnlyFans Users Spent $5.6 Billion Last Year
07/18/2023: OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan steps down
02/03/2023: Meet Amrapali Gan, the 37-Year-Old CEO of OnlyFans
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What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content subscription service and social media platform that empowers creators to earn money from online fans.

Popular with adult entertainers and social media influencers, creators charge a subscription fee to fans for premium photos and videos only available behind a paywall.

Users can buy bonus content and personalized media for an additional cost. 

OnlyFans takes a flat 20% fee and earns about 12% after costs, according to the New York Times. Creators can charge whatever they like and keep the remaining 80%.

The business model eliminates the need for advertising and intermediaries (e.g., film producers, traditional adult websites), giving the creators more control of their content and business. 

Its popularity has transcended the adult industry, now utilized by athletes, musicians, celebrities, comedians, health and spiritual experts, fitness gurus, chefs, and makeup artists. 

The company has more than 100 million users and has paid out more than $3 billion in creator earnings. In 2020, the company generated $2 billion in sales, according to Bloomberg, and $300 million in profit, according to The Information. 

Competitors offering similar services include Fansly, Substack, and Patreon.

Here’s how a dietitian is using the platform to monetize her message about food and wellness.

Is OnlyFans Stock Publicly Traded?

No. OnlyFans is a private company. 

Who Owns OnlyFans?

A London-based private company called Fenix International Limited owns the OnlyFans service. Adult industry veteran Tim Stockley founded the company in 2016.

The primary shareholders of Fenix International Limited include the founder Tim Stokely and adult industry veteran Leo Radvinsky, an adult webcam service owner who purchased a majority stake in OnlyFans in 2018. 

Stockley stepped down as CEO headed into 2022 handing over the job to Amrapali Gan. 

Gan resigned in July 2023. Former OnlyFans Chief Strategy & Operations Officer (CSOO) Keily Blair has taken over.

The company has not yet raised capital from venture capital firms, possibly due to the adult nature of its creators.

However, as the company expands to other genres, investors may become more interested.

On June 16th, 2021, Bloomberg reported that OnlyFans was seeking venture funding at a valuation north of $1 billion. 

However, Dan Primack of Axios reported on August 19th, 2021, that the company is struggling to secure venture capital funding due to the explicit content uploaded by creators. Some VCs are “prohibited from investing in adult content”.

Axios later reported on March 29th, 2022, that OnlyFans is seeking a SPAC deal. 

OnlyFans Valuation

The OnlyFans valuation is not confirmed as of May 2023. Axios reported in mid-2021 the company was seeking venture capital funding at a valuation of more than $1 billion.

2021 revenue (ending in September) reached almost $5 billion, and the company paid $500 million in profits to Radvinsky over the past two years, according to The Guardian. 

But Axios reported the following in March 2022:

According to an internal pitch deck compiled at the end of March 2021 and obtained by Axios, the company anticipated $1.2 billion in 2021 revenue and $2.5 billion in 2022 revenue. It’s unclear if it achieved last year’s projection.

With strong revenue and continued growth, the OnlyFans valuation could currently be in the range of $5 to $10 billion. 

When is the OnlyFans IPO Date?

The OnlyFans IPO date is currently unknown. 

In a November 2022 interview with Axios, OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan said the company is “happy being privately held, and we have no plans to make any moves of that sort [fundraise, IPO].

Ownership is concentrated at the top, and the company has not sought venture funding. 

Often, fast-growing companies seek outside funding from venture capital firms to help accelerate growth.

However, we’ve learned from reporting that the company earns about 12% of revenue as profit.

Profits can therefore be reinvested to fuel growth. 

If the company needs additional capital to expand, it can likely seek private funding. Private investors will eventually require liquidity, which could lead to an IPO. However, the two owners, Stockley and Radvinsky, own most of the company and would control such as decision. 

OnlyFans could also use private funding to establish its valuation before an IPO. The owners may also seek to raise cash through an IPO instead of private funding. 

Letting the market determine the company value could be s more lucrative path for the current owners.

We won’t know until we hear more from the owners through statements or media interviews. It is more likely to have its IPO on the London Stock Exchange, being a London-based company.

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What is the OnlyFans Stock Price?

There isn’t one. Since OnlyFans is not publicly traded on a stock exchange, there is no OnlyFans stock price yet.

What is the OnlyFans Stock Symbol? OnlyFans Ticker?

Despite billions in revenue and early profitability, OnlyFans is still an early-stage startup. Therefore, it is not yet known if the company has plans for a public listing.

Until then, we can only speculate on what the OnlyFans stock symbol would be. We also don’t know on which exchange the company would trade. 

Here are three possible stock symbols that appear to be available in the U.S. and London:

  • ONLY
  • FANS
  • OF

Can you Invest in OnlyFans Stock Now?


There are no direct or indirect investment options at this time. 

Three Ways to Potential Own the Stock in the Future

For starters, there are no indications that OnlyFans is on the path to an IPO. If there eventually is an IPO, it is likely years away. 

Second, since OnlyFans is based in London, U.K., the listing may not occur in the U.S., which could be disappointing to American investors.

However, considering the size and vibrancy of the U.S. markets, the company may opt to list the shares on U.S. exchanges either directly or through an ADR (American Depository Receipt).

Generally, it’s challenging to acquire shares of high-demand IPOs. Most investors will need to settle for buying the stock after it begins trading. 

IPO underwriters typically give their best customers access first, then allocate shares to certain institutions and brokers often tied by professional relationships. 

When the largest brokers receive IPO shares, they divvy them up amongst their eligible customers, prioritizing their most valued customers first (wealthiest). 

For high-demand deals, most investors will not get shares

In recent years, a few brokers have partnered with the IPO investing app ClickIPO to give access to individual investors based on a proprietary rating instead of assets under management. 

For individual investors without a high net worth, ClickIPO, and its partner broker TradeStation is the most likely chance of participating in IPOs.

Robinhood and the online broker SoFi Invest have also added IPO access to their platforms. 

With that, here are three potential ways to own OnlyFans Stock: 

  • Acquire OnlyFans stock in pre-IPO secondary marketplaces before the IPO
  • Buy OnlyFans stock during the IPO through a broker
  • Buy OnlyFans stock after it begins trading

1. Acquire shares in pre-IPO secondary marketplaces

Founders, early employees, and investors often find themselves in a difficult predicament. They own valuable shares of a company that doesn’t trade publicly. 

These shareholders might have multi-million dollar net worth’s because of their stock holdings, but the stock is not liquid because it doesn’t trade on an exchange. 

If OnlyFans gives employees shares of the holding company, this may be an issue. The primary owners can always seek private buyers. 

A few platforms have evolved to give small shareholders (employees and early investors) a way to liquidate their holdings before the IPO.

Some of the more prominent sites include Equitybee, Linqto, EquityZen, and Forge Global. Learn more about pre-IPO investing platforms

The author has yet to see evidence of OnlyFans shares available on any of these platforms. 

These sites bring liquidity to an otherwise illiquid asset. Accredited investors (those with invested assets > $1,000,000) may join these sites and attempt to buy these companies’ shares when they become available. 

The shares are only offered to accredited investors because the company’s financials are not publicly filed with regulators yet, increasing the investors’ risk. 

For high-profile companies, demand is high, lowering your chances of acquiring shares. The author considers this a low-likelihood way to acquire shares. However, some readers have written  to me about success stories buying shares this way. 

2. Buy OnlyFans stock in during the IPO through a broker

Ambitious investors can position themselves to invest in the OnlyFans IPO if it ever arrives.  

Your chances of getting IPO shares depend on four factors:

  • IPO demand
  • Your broker and eligibility
  • Your assets under management (AUM) at the broker
  • Propensity to flip shares

As IPO demand increases, the chances of receiving IPO shares decreases. Therefore, the IPOs that are most interesting to the masses are the hardest to access. 

Most online brokers do not offer IPO shares. Check directly to see if yours does, or look at our list of best brokers for IPO investing

Legacy brokers, such as Fidelity and Charles Schwab, have minimum eligibility requirements and penalties for flipping shares (selling shortly after the IPO). 

But even if eligible, the brokers must sub-allocate whatever limited shares they receive from the IPO underwriters.

This process is non-transparent, but priority is likely given to the wealthiest investors first. 

For example, if your account balance is $500,000, and that makes you eligible according to terms the broker may only have enough IPO shares to distribute to customers with assets of $3,000,000 or more. 

ClickIPO is a smartphone app that partners with TradeStation to deliver IPO access to ordinary investors. There is no minimum account value required. 

Robinhood and the online broker SoFi Invest offer IPO access as well. 

Joining a broker that offers access to IPOs does not guarantee a share allocation, especially in high-demand IPOs. You are probably better off waiting for the company to start trading after the IPO. 

3. Buy OnlyFans stock after the OnlyFans SPAC or IPO

Since acquiring IPO shares is almost always challenging for individual investors, the easiest way to own OnlyFans stock is to wait for the IPO to complete. 

Realistically, unless your brokerage account is worth more than $1 million and your broker regularly receives IPO allocations, you are unlikely to get in on high-demand IPOs. 

In some cases, patient investors can buy the stock at or below the IPO price. This is not always true.

Uber, which many predicted to rise steeply, actually fell on the IPO date.

Spending significant effort to acquire IPO shares may not be worth it in the end. You may also spend time and effort to obtain shares but only receive a small allocation, limiting upside gain. 

Though IPOs can provide one-day gains north of 20%, even up to 100% in rare cases (such as Airbnb and Doordash), the most significant gains will come during the decade following the IPO if the company is genuinely disruptive.

Take, for example, Netflix, Amazon, or Tesla. You could have bought the stock years after the IPO and still experienced gains of more than 1,000%

If you’re an investor that wants to buy OnlyFans stock for the long term, consider opening a position after the IPO and averaging down if the stock falls. 

Short-term traders may angle to acquire IPO shares and hope for a short-term pop.

Will There be an OnlyFans SPAC Acquisition?

OnlyFans leadership has indicated it is content as a private company. 

Axios reported in March 2022 that OnlyFans has spoken to multiple blank check companies. Some talks have ended due to being apprehensive about its core industry (adult content). 

A SPAC is a special purpose acquisition company, also known as a blank check company. They are shell companies designed to help established businesses go public without a traditional IPO. 

The SPAC company merges with the established company and takes on the established company’s name. It’s also known as a reverse merger. 

SPACs have become popular recently after Virgin Galactic, Lucid Motors, and hundreds of other private companies have used them to become publicly traded.

OnlyFans does not appear to need capital at this stage due to a low number of employees and early profitability. Therefore, it is unlikely the owners would be intrigued by a SPAC merger proposal. 

SPACs have fallen out of favor since late 2021 after the SPAC euphoria of the previous 24 months. 

Where can I find the OnlyFans S-1 Filing?

The OnlyFans S-1 filing won’t be publicly available until the holding company decides to seek a public listing in the U.S. and releases the file. In the U.K., the company would submit a similar filing to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

You can find a real-time SEC feed of the latest IPO filings from other companies on the recent S-1 filings page.

Best Brokers to Buy Stock

What is the best online brokerage for buying stocks after the IPO?

There is no OnlyFans stock at the moment, so you can’t own the company. 

If you want to attempt to participate IPOs, TradeStation is the best low-minimum investment IPO broker for investors with assets under $100,000.

See the complete list of best brokers for IPO investing here

Joining a broker that offers access to IPOs does not guarantee a share allocation, especially in high-demand IPOs. You are probably better off waiting for the company to start trading after the IPO. 

Long-term buy-and-hold investors may prefer a broker not as geared toward frequent trading. 

As an individual investor, you’ll want to open an account with a commission-free online broker. That way, you’ll invest most of your money instead of wasting it on fees.

I’m a big fan of the online brokerage M1 Finance. M1 Finance is a reliable and robust, no-fee online broker for beginner to advanced investors. 

As your investing skills and portfolio mature, M1 is one of the best platforms to scale.

They also offer an integrated checking account and low borrowing rates. Read my complete M1 Finance review here

The platform is more intuitive than traditional brokers because it’s built on a modern technology platform. You create portfolio “pies” that contain all the stocks and ETFs you want to own and in what percentages. 

M1 Finance does not offer IPO access. But it’s my favorite for long-term investing, which is my preferred strategy for disruptive IPO companies. 

Learn More about M1 Finance

OnlyFans Controversies

On August 19th, 2021, the company announced it would not allow “any content containing sexually explicit conduct” starting in October. Nude photos and videos will remain within the permissible boundaries. 

It reversed the decision on August 25th:

OnlyFans News Archive

11/20/2022: OnlyFans CEO: “Not seeing any slowdown” as tech slumps
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12/23/2021: OnlyFans’ New CEO is a woman and former cannabis marketer.
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