Beach Fishing 3

How To Return From Vacation And Not Be Depressed

I’m on vacation with my family this week. I’ve put aside electronic devices and social media in favor of fishing rods, sandcastle tools, and amusement park rides with the kids. We’re going to relax, eat a ton of sugar, and create memories watching our kids frolic in the sand, water and sun. Preparing for our […]

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Control 500


Late last year, upper management at my client was feeling the heat. The boss’s boss’s boss needed to show the CIO that his division would not falter in a climate of adversity. To allay the perceived fears that the IT project would fail, the second highest executive on the totem pole made a decision. When that […]

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Chevron Drip logo

20 Years In The Chevron DRIP

For my birthday in 1995, my uncle gifted me one share of Chevron (CVX) stock out of his dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). He was an employee at the time. He instructed me to regularly invest small amounts of money into the program and automatically reinvest the dividends I received. Eventually, he said, the quarterly dividend would […]

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Debt-Free Retirement

Reject The Assertion You’ll Work Longer Than Your Parents

College graduation season will be here in no time. Graduates and their families will celebrate at an uplifting commencement ceremony, complete with speeches by inspirational alumni, business leaders and political figures, followed by a triumphant dinner at Applebees. Business Insider and other Twitter feeds will surely remind us that Steve Jobs gave a cool commencement […]

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Scams Kids Blur

Travel Scams And Robbery On The Backpacker Trail

Throughout all of my adventures, only three times I’ve been a target for crime because I was a traveler. That’s not bad considering I’ve visited 40+ countries over the past two decades. For the most part, using common sense and traveling with a friend or group is enough to avoid travel scams and danger. But […]

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Rental Plans

Should I Sell My Rental Property And Cash Out?

Should I sell my rental property? It’s a question I ask myself every month. Maybe you do too. Update 11/22/2017: I still own the property and decided to rent it out again. I worked with a CPA to understand the exact tax consequences of selling and met with 3-4 agents to determine a value. It’s […]

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Dover Corporation (DOV) Stock Purchase

My goal as an income investor is to create a portfolio of investments that generate reliable and compounding cash flow to grow my net worth and fund my eventual retirement before I turn 56, the age my Dad retired. I’ve deployed a strategy of multiple streams of income including real estate, peer lending and dividend growth stocks to reach my goal. My […]

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2015 GOALS Med

Financial Goals For 2015

In the past few weeks, I’ve reviewed my 2014 financial goals and calculated my forward investment income for the year’s end. Now it’s time to set some new financial goals for 2015. This year I’m lowering the number of goals (four compared to seven) I set while making the new ones more challenging, measurable, and targeted. Last year was […]

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December 2014 Inv Income Chart

Investment Income Updates For 2013 And 2014

This post is a consolidated investment income report for the period November 2013 through December 2014. Posts  were originally published individually but are now listed from oldest to newest. They are combined here for consolidation and ease of reading.  November 2013 The Investment Income tab on my blog has been updated here as of November […]

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2014 Financial Goals Review

Happy New Year! It’s time to look at this past year’s goals to see how I performed. To accelerate my ongoing quest to wake up and doing nothing, I set some annual financial goals for the first time in my life. In the past, I’ve only tracked progress in a general direction, with no real end […]

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