Whooah, We’re Halfway There

Seems like yesterday my daughter was only three months old and I was putting together my list of financial goals for 2014. She’s nine months old now and I’ve never been busier in my life, mostly chasing kids around. Somehow I manage to get on the computer once a week to write about investing, personal […]

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The Holy Grail of Travel

When it comes to time, money and travel, people fall into one of four categories: Backpackers – Lots of time, but a finite amount of money Vacationers – Enough money, but not much time Broke People – No money for travel and very little time Financially Independent Travelers – All the time and money needed […]

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Transferring stock from Computershare to TD Ameritrade

Transferring Stock From Computershare to TD Ameritrade

  Note: This same process holds true among other brokerages including Ally Invest. Also for transferring shares out of Wells Fargo Shareowner Services.  Updated 08/26/2016 to include notes about verifying cost basis reporting. Recently, I made a simple move that increased my forward 12-month investment income (F12MII) by $12 per year. This move has other positive […]

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Whole Foods AR 2013

Recent IRA Purchase: Whole Foods Market (WFM)

Update 02/04/2016: Despite the downturn, I still own WFM and added more in retirement accounts in the low $30’s. Last week I purchased shares in Whole Foods Market (WFM). Whole Foods dominated the talk on the street last Wednesday after reporting disappointing earnings Tuesday evening. This is not a typical stock that I purchase because […]

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1973 Cable TVGuide Square

Bye Bye Cable TV

During a long drive over the Christmas holiday, my wife and I discussed ways to simplify our lives, become more productive and save more money. In my 2014 goals post, I mentioned ways we’d simplify our financial lives, but I left out this particular money and time saving action item. We really enjoy shows on […]

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Procter & Gamble DRIP Investment Initiated

Looking for an automated way to track your investments and calculate your net worth? Forget spreadsheets. Check out Personal Capital. This tool has COMPLETELY CHANGED the way I handle my finances.  Update 06/16/2016: Received an email today indicating PG has left Computershare for Wells Fargo Shareowner Services and is raising fees. I find this disappointing […]

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Guate Bus

14 Months, 18 Countries, $10,000

In my mid-twenties, I quit my job to travel the world for 14 months. I visited 18 countries and spent about $10,000. A future lifestyle of frequent and extended travel in retirement, funded by investment income, is what motivates me to reach financial independence. This post is about how I was able to travel the […]

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Bank of America Poised for Strong Dividend Growth

Last week, Bank of America (BAC) announced that it plans to increase its dividend from a quarterly payment of $0.01 to $0.05 starting in the second quarter of this year. This is its first increase since 2007. I wrote an exclusive article on the topic for Seeking Alpha which was published on Monday morning. Click here to […]

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Retirement Strategy Revisited

Back in September 2013 when I started this blog, I wrote a short post about retirement strategy. It was my third post, and it listed out my basic retirement strategy while serving as an outline for what I’d write about on the blog. This post is an updated version digging deeper into my strategy. A […]

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For Against Keys

Proxy Voting and The Worst Job I Ever Had

Prior to a company’s annual meeting, shareholders receive a package in the mail or via email. It contains an invitation and some documents known as proxy voting materials. The proxy voting package outlines upcoming proceedings that will take place at the annual meeting. Usually this includes voting on the Board of Directors, confirmation of the […]

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