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Publishing Schedule

For most of the past six years, I’ve published a new article at least once a week on RBD.

Starting in August 2019, I’m switching to a bi-weekly publishing schedule. Expect to see a new article every two weeks. 

This was a difficult decision to make because writing every week keeps me engaged with my audience and forces me to write often (and I enjoy writing). 

However, life has slowly made the weekly publishing schedule more difficult for a few reasons:

  • My day job is more fulfilling, but it takes more of my time and brainpower to perform
  • My kids go to bed later; I write in the evenings, and the later bedtime reduces writing time
  • I’ve increased the focus on my physical health; I wake up early (5:15 am) to swim some days; when I wake up early to exercise, I’m exhausted when I sit down to write, sometimes not until 9 pm
  • When my evenings are filled with blog stuff, I don’t dedicate enough time to my wife and things I need to do around the house

Also, to write more thoughtful, helpful, and meaningful content, I need more time. Lately, I rush to complete new content and avoid starting more challenging articles because they take more time. I know I can’t finish them in a short week, so I don’t attempt them. But these articles, I believe, offer the most value to readers. 

Another consideration is that I run my blog as a business, and weekly writing often steals time from doing the things that will move my blog forward as a business. These activities have taken a backseat, even though they are more likely to increase revenue.

I’ve also neglected my other website and would like to start updating it regularly again.

Reducing the frequency of my publishing schedule will improve my overall well-being, provide better content to readers when I do publish, and hopefully move my business forward. 

I’ll continue to update and republish old articles, and occasionally have guest posters write content for me. 

That said, I can’t promise I’ll publish something every two weeks, and I might post two weeks in a row sometimes too. 

When I’ve changed my publishing schedule to bi-weekly in the past, I believe it had a detrimental effect on my business. And that’s why I’ve avoided it for so long. But at this point, I think the benefits outweigh the risks to my business.

Please stay with me! I’m not going anywhere. Just understand that I need to re-prioritize how I focus my time. 

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