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11 Financial Goals to Set Any Time of the Year

Did the start of a new decade get you thinking about what financial goals to set this year? According to a motivational flyer in my office, 71% of Americans make resolutions, but only 8% succeed. Put me in that 8%. This year, I’d like to lose about 15 pounds. I also ate a lot of […]

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Fiber Movement

Financial Independence Before Early Retirement

Among friends and family, I’m known for being a vocal advocate for colon health. Maybe this is TMI, but since realizing the benefits of a high-fiber diet, I feel like I know a secret that everyone should be in on. My penchant for eating fiber was even mocked in the best man speech at my […]

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The 2022 Project: A New Target Date

I’ve always pictured retirees as carefree shuffleboard playing Floridians and old-guy golfers in butterfly collared shirts and plaid pants. My Dad fits this mold except he has no desire to move to Florida and his golf wardrobe isn’t that cool. He retired at age 56 in 2002 and hasn’t worked one day since. My parents spend […]

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Retire At 40 - Large web

8 Reasons Why I Won’t Retire at 40

Later this month I turn the big 4-0. The day after, I’ll grab my messenger bag and commute back into the office. If things go according to my plan, the road to retirement will continue another 15 years. I will not retire at 40, though it’s a nice round number. It’s most notably “the hill”, […]

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