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December 2016 Received vs Projected Monthly

5 Stocks I Bought And Sold Last Quarter

The Portfolio page on my blog has been updated as of December 31st, 2016. This page outlines my portfolio of taxable investments and the income generated on a yearly and average monthly basis. Click here to access all previous portfolio updates. I track my stock purchases and investment income (aka passive income) publicly as opposed to net worth. I still track my net […]

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List Of Debt-Free S&P 500 Companies

  How much debt is on the balance sheet? That’s one of the first questions I answer when I’m evaluating a stock. Companies borrow money for a myriad of reasons including to launch business lines, fund acquisitions, fund operations, and sometimes to fund distributions to shareholders. Smart MBAs sit in office suites and perform elaborate spreadsheet […]

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What Are The Most Undervalued Dividend Aristocrats?

Today’s post introduces a new resource that I put together for dividend investors called the Dividend Aristocrats Best Value Rankings. It’s a quick and easy starting point to begin your dividend growth investing research. The rankings are free to use, so click on over and let me know what you think. Curious what company tops the list […]

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December 2015 Received vs Projected Monthly

Investment Income Updates – January 2015 through December 2015

January 2015 The investment Income/Portfolio page on my blog has been updated as of January 31st, 2015. This page outlines my portfolio of taxable investments and the income they generate on a yearly and average monthly basis. Also included is a chart with a historical look at my investment income since October 2003. January is typically […]

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What Strategy Works For You?

Ever wonder why so many young people are afraid to start investing? If you read the financial sites online, or watch the financial news networks, the answer becomes clear. There’s lots of so-called experts telling us what to do with our money. Some advice is over simplified and inadequate. Other advice is unnecessarily complex. For someone just […]

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