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December 2016 Received vs Projected Monthly

Investment Income Updates – Q1 Through Q4 2016

Investment Income Update For Q1 2016 The investment income page on my blog has been updated as of the 31st of March 2016. This page outlines my portfolio of taxable investments and the income they generate on a yearly and average monthly basis. Click here to access all previous monthly income updates. If you’re a […]

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Nude selfie 600 covered mac

The Nude Selfie Of Personal Finance

The signs in the gym locker room are clear: Picture taking in the men’s room is strictly prohibited. Please inform the front desk of violations. Yet every once in a while, some beefcake dude will stand there in front of the locker room mirror, whip out his phone, and snap a selfie. I sort of get it. […]

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Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

I’ve owned real estate for almost ten years. Over that period I’ve refinanced my rental property twice and our primary residence once so far (I found the lowest rate at LendingTree. Saved me a ton of money). I’ve been thinking, should I refinance my mortgage again? Refinancing is a hassle. But it has saved me tens of […]

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Cash Flow Suffering? Change Sh** Up!

Cash flow is the all-powerful financial tool. With it, you build wealth. Without it, you tread water. Maybe you consider yourself better than average with money. You take pride in elaborate spreadsheets you created while pretending to do work at your 9-5. At times, you’ve skipped meals for the sole purpose of saving money. You […]

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