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Coca Cola DRIP

How My 20-Year Investment In Coca-Cola Has Fared

20 years ago, I was a college junior enrolled in investing and corporate finance courses. Being freshly educated about the time value of money, I knew my youth was my most powerful investing advantage. But I didn’t have much money. A few years earlier, my Uncle gifted me one share of Chevron stock through the […]

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Chevron Drip logo

20 Years In The Chevron DRIP

For my birthday in 1995, my uncle gifted me one share of Chevron (CVX) stock out of his dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). He was an employee at the time. He instructed me to regularly invest small amounts of money into the program and automatically reinvest the dividends I received. Eventually, he said, the quarterly dividend would […]

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Recent Stock Purchase: Parker Hannifin (PH)

An updated version of this article was published on Seeking Alpha. My goal as an income investor is to create a portfolio of investments that generate reliable and compounding cash flow to grow my net worth and fund my eventual retirement, prior to age 59 1/2. I’ve deployed a strategy of creating multiple streams of income including real […]

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Bank of America Poised for Strong Dividend Growth

Last week, Bank of America (BAC) announced that it plans to increase its dividend from a quarterly payment of $0.01 to $0.05 starting in the second quarter of this year. This is its first increase since 2007. I wrote an exclusive article on the topic for Seeking Alpha which was published on Monday morning. Click here to […]

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Position Review: Year 5 of Owning Emerson Electric

As part of my retirement strategy, I maintain a dividend growth stock portfolio containing companies that boast a history of paying and increasing dividends. Companies that do this tend to have excellent management, wide economic moats, strong balance sheets and consistent earnings growth over time. The purpose of this portfolio is to provide reliable and […]

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Aqua America Logo

Aqua America DRIP Investment Initiated

Update – Still buying $100 per month in the Aqua America DRIP. Check out my most recent Investment Income Update for the latest buys. Or click here to see my entire investment portfolio.  I’m now using M1 Finance instead of opening new DRIPs. It’s a more intuitive platform for beginner to intermediate investors. Highly recommended.  On January […]

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10 Years In The Verizon DRIP

Update: I’ve since transferred my Verizon DRIP shares out of Computershare and into TD Ameritrade. Click here to read about the transfer process. Instead of opening new DRIPs, I prefer a more flexible platform called M1 Finance. M1 Finance gives you all the benefits of dollar cost averaging and fractional shares but at a lower […]

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