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There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand

Arrested Development was an early 2000’s TV comedy loved by its fans. Despite critical acclaim, it failed to gain traction and the show was canceled after three seasons. Years later it was revamped as a Netflix series thanks to the enduring hilarity of the first three seasons and its grassroots fan base. Challenged with cast schedules, the […]

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Tax Loss Harvesting A Loser – CMI

I spent a lot of money on CDs in the 1990’s. Had I invested every dollar instead, I’d be much closer to reaching my long-term goal. Collecting material objects is rarely a good retirement strategy. The two giant plastic bins of nearly worthless 1980’s era baseball cards in my basement strengthen that statement. But alas, […]

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Sold: Mattel (MAT)

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, a genre of music called shoegaze emerged from the United Kingdom. Shoegaze, also known as dream pop, combined aspects alternative rock, ambient music, and British pop. The name shoegazing was coined because during live performances, the guitarists would stare down at their pedals creating a ‘wall of sound’, but not […]

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Sold: American Realty Capital (ARCP)

On October 29th, the day the company announced non-reliance on previously issued financial statements and changes in accounting personnel, I sold all of my shares of American Capital Realty Properties (ARCP). This was my second stock sale of the year, the first being Dave & Buster’s (PLAY). For me, selling ARCP was not a matter of being […]

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