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M1 Personal Finance Free

M1 Finance Review: The Future Of Personal Finance Is Free

This M1 Finance review was last updated on 10/15/2018. Updated with M1 Borrow changes. We learned of some game-changing news in the online brokerage industry recently. One of the most innovative modern online brokers in the space, M1 Finance, announced they have eliminated all fees for all investors. So I wrote this M1 Finance review to introduce […]

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PeerStreet Logo 600x400

PeerStreet Review: Low-Risk Real Estate Investing

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here’s a review I recently wrote that I haven’t shared with subscribers yet. I’m investing on the PeerStreet platform and really like the user experience and returns so far. It’s similar to Lending Club but for real estate. It’s for accredited investors only at this point so not everyone can invest. But if […]

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Fundrise Logo

Fundrise Review: Passive Income via Real Estate Crowdfunding

This Fundrise review was last updated 10/02/2018 to reflect my Fundrise returns.  BIG News… Fundrise has issued two new eREITs similar to the original Income and Growth Funds. Now you can invest in the  Income eREIT II and Growth eREIT II. Access these eREITs via the Supplemental, Balanced, or Long-Term Growth portfolios.  Fundrise is a […]

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How To Invest In Real Estate Without All The Hassle

Is RealtyShares going out of business? Sure seems that way. This email was sent on 11/07/2018: To our platform investors and operating partners: Five years ago, RealtyShares was founded with a mission to connect capital to opportunity. With over $870 million invested across more than 1,100 projects, we have built one of the top online […]

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LendingRobot Review Feature

LendingRobot Review – Automate Your Peer Loan Investing

The following article is a comprehensive LendingRobot Review. My goal is to provide potential users an authentic review of the website by sharing my experience over the past year. To invest with LendingRobot, you first need to open an investing account with a peer to peer lending site such as Lending Club, Prosper or Funding Circle.  I […]

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