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Passive Income Ideas
Dividend Aristocrats

Perfect Grass

Perfect grass seemed like the ultimate suburban pursuit.  I’ve always envied lush green lawns and sharply trimmed edges — the kind you fear stepping on at wealthy over-55 communities. But after ten years of living on a quarter-acre lot, my lawn is mediocre.  A diverse patchwork of weeds and crabgrass decorate our front yard. Each...

Are Municipal Bond ETFs Right for Your Portfolio?

Over the past 12 months, I’ve added a few municipal bond ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to my taxable investment portfolio.  I’ve done this to diversify my dividend income and reduce taxes in non-retirement accounts.  These investments are easy to buy, have low volatility and risk, and provide monthly dividend income.  I use the monthly tax-exempt income...
Featured photo by Daniel Cuevas via Unsplash