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10 Wise Investments and Other Uses for Your Stimulus Check

The U.S. government is borrowing $1.9 trillion to provide pandemic relief and stimulate the economy.  A big chunk of that will be direct payments to Americans. I won’t get into the details of who gets what; you can find that here.  Long story short, many Americans will get more than a thousand dollars deposited to...

How I Quit My Career at 39 with Out-of-State Rental Properties

The following is a guest post by Eric Hughes, who writes the blog Rental Income Advisors. Eric left his corporate job by creating passive income with out-of-state rental properties.  He owns 18 properties that produce nearly $70,000 per year.  Eric explains how rental properties can be a shorter path to financial independence than a traditional...

How Much Money is Enough?

A few years ago, somebody asked how much money is enough for me to retire. I used a back of the napkin estimation based on the financial independence number and answered. This was 2015-ish. At the time, I thought the number would be more than enough to live comfortably for the rest of our lives,...
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