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Passive Income Ideas
Dividend Aristocrats

Cream and Sugar First

A former colleague once told me that if I ever started drinking coffee, I’d never stop. Frida drank ten cups a day. She was an administrative assistant in the media department at my university.  I worked in the darkroom developing film and printing black and white photographs for various campus publications.  The coffee maker was...

With FIRE in My Hands

Our family spent the dog days of COVID at home. No travels, no visitors, and zero breaks from each other. By the end of 2020, we’d had it with school and working at home. So we booked a beach house for Spring Break in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And to treat ourselves, we...

Time, Not Trades

A young reader reached out to me about how investing and finance are underserved topics in high school. He was eager to share that he earned 20%+ returns from day trading in just a few months because he’s spent a lot of time learning how to invest and perfecting his trading strategy.  Day trading returns...
Featured photo by Daniel Cuevas via Unsplash