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4 Reasons to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate Properties

Independent landlords who own residential real estate typically own single-family homes, condo units, or maybe a small multifamily real estate property such as a duplex or triplex. Multifamily real estate properties can require substantial capital and significant elbow-grease before being ready to produce positive income. Until recently, single-family and small multifamily properties were the primary […]

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goal without plan is just wish

The 5 Best Investments in 2019 for Long-Term Growth

Happy New Year everyone! Now that resolutions are fresh on your mind, there’s no better time to determine what smart money habits to initiate in 2019. To help inspire you, I’ve created a list of best investments for 2019. These ideas are geared toward long-term investors and those looking to earn more this year.  This article […]

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5 Ways to Profit from the Amazon HQ2 Selection

The Wall Street Journal first reported, it’s official. Amazon HQ2 coming to Crystal City! Bezos confirms. Read on to learn five potential ways to invest based on the Crystal City selection. #1 is Fundrise, a D.C.-based real estate investing platform. Own high-quality D.C.-area real estate assets for a $500 minimum investment.  Amazon ignited a rush of excitement […]

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Create Multiple Income Streams for Security and Wealth

When I lost my job last year, my former employer didn’t have the means to pay me a severance. Not even close. Our family had emergency savings, but it was our multiple income streams that kept us afloat. Five years earlier, a job loss would have been much worse. But since I saved and invested […]

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How to Retire Early with Real Estate (Free Book Giveaway!)

Update: Four winners have been chosen. Thanks for all your responses! I’m super excited about today’s post because it’s my first book giveaway after more than five years of blogging. The book is a sterling piece of work by my friend Chad Carson of the blog Coach Carson, that is already helping thousands of people […]

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Getting Started

Getting Started With Investing? Here’s What You Should Do

Sometimes I assume my blog audience is a bunch of 42-year-old Dads like me balancing work and kids while building income streams. But the emails I get tell a different story. Many readers are beginner investors only recently finding my website and getting started with investing. Some are young. Some are not so young. With all […]

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7 Income Streams I Earned While Unemployed

This article is about learning to protect yourself from a future job loss by creating sustainable income streams that will continue to pay you even if you’re not working. If you’re unemployed today, use this article to frame your strategy once the income is back. Of all the financial advice I read and practice, the one […]

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Pink House

Are Extra Mortgage Payments Smart When Interest Rates are Low?

If you own a home, you might be contemplating how extra mortgage payments may or may not fit into your overall financial plan. As is with all personal finance choices, your mortgage payment strategy is personal based on many factors. You don’t find many people who paid off their mortgages and regret the paid off debt. […]

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Castillo de Almodóvar del Río

The More You Own, The More It Weighs You Down

This money post references Sunday’s Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4. You don’t need to be a viewer to appreciate the personal finance lesson. However, if you aren’t caught up on your episodes and want to stay in the dark, this is your spoiler alert.   Season 7 of Game of Thrones is here […]

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Fundrise Logo

Fundrise Review 2019: Passive Income via Real Estate Crowdfunding

This Fundrise review was last updated 01/01/2019.  BIG News… Now that Amazon has selected Crystal City, in Northern Virginia as it’s new headquarters, Fundrise is well-positioned to profit from the expected increase in real estate prices. Learn more here about Fundrise’s exposure to real estate in Northern Virginia and how you can profit from the Amazon […]

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Shower Your Cash Flow On Me, Rental Property

My rental property was a curse for many years. I bought it in late 2006 after the local real estate bubble popped but before the major financial crisis. Its value has remained below what I paid for it since then. Real estate always go up! That’s what I believed in 2006. Harsh reality, it doesn’t. […]

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Accidental Landlord

Building Wealth As An Accidental Landlord

I thought my timing was perfect. It was 2006. The real estate bubble had burst and property values were plummeting in the D.C. area. After years of seeing other people make a killing off of real estate, it was finally my turn. A few months earlier, I received a big raise at my job. My savings account […]

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That’s Not Our Dream House Anymore

My Mom and her sisters used to take me and my cousins on house tours. We’d visit city mansions and historic homes that were preserved for viewing or opened to show off antiques and interior designs. I loved walking through the old homes. I remember exquisite stone exteriors and unique customizations like hidden doors, secret […]

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2015 GOALS Med

Annual Goals and Resolutions Review

2016 was a reset for my personal finances. In lieu of achieving epic goal reaching success, I focused on building a more solid foundation from which my wealth can grow. Not all the changes were easy, but the results have set the stage for the years ahead. A sneaky cash flow problem became apparent in […]

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