VYM Dividend History, Yield, and Key Stats

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VYM Dividend Yield | VYM Dividend History Data Table 

VYM Dividend History Chart

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VYM Dividend Yield and Key Stats

VYM Dividend History Table

The VYM dividend history table includes all quarterly cash dividends since the VYM inception date — 11/10/2006.

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Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (VYM) Description

VYM aims to match the performance of the FTSE® High Dividend Yield Index, which measures the investment return of a select group of stocks with high dividend yields.

The manager employs an indexing investment approach designed to track the performance of the index, which consists of common stocks of companies that pay dividends that generally are higher than average. The adviser attempts to replicate the target index by investing all, or substantially all, of the fund’s assets in the stocks that make up the index, holding each stock in approximately the same proportion as its weighting in the index.

VYM Dividend – Conclusion

Vanguard logo. Vanguard's Dividend Appreciation ETF is a solid ETF for dividend income and retirement investors. Review the VYM dividend history and VYM dividend yield before investing.

Visit the following link for the latest authoritative information on the VYM dividend ETF. 

Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF

The Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index (VYM) is a popular investment for dividend-seeking investors and retirees. The fund tracks an index of dividend-paying companies with a history of paying consistent dividends at or above the S&P 500 average yield. 

VYM tracks the FTSE® High Dividend Yield Index and pays dividends quarterly. Investors receive quarterly dividend payments in March, June, September, and December.

The VYM twin mutual fund is called the Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund Admiral Shares (VHYAX). Investors with an account at Vanguard who prefer mutual funds can consider this fund as a VYM alternative.

VYM is a good option for investors who do not want to conduct the research required to select individual stocks but want to own a pool of high-yield dividend growth stocks. 

Active investors who own individual stocks can supplement their research with tools such as the Sure Dividend Newsletter, which offers subscribers ten dividend growth stock picks to subscribers every month. 

Research multiple dividend ETFs before choosing in which to invest. Review the VYM dividend history, current VYM dividend yield, and VYM holdings before investing. Past payments are not indicative of future dividends. 

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