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Gratitude, Optimism, and Investment Opportunities

The negative news is overwhelming if you spend the day consuming it on your phone or TV.  My wife worried a lot about the virus and all that’s happening until she deleted Twitter.  I’m very comfortable with our new lifestyle. On the first day I worked from home, I came up with a list of […]

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Investing Strategies in Light of the Market Volatility

Patience is not a skill or an inherent ability. It’s a practice, one that does not necessarily develop with age or wisdom. Successful investing takes patience because as you extend your investment horizon, your chances of success increase. You can’t expect good results in the short-term, but you can expect excellent results 10-20 years out […]

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Is Your Salary an Unhealthy Addiction?

I’m grateful to work for a high-quality employer that appreciates my contributions and pays me a reliable paycheck 26 times a year. The retirement plan is best I’ve seen anywhere. The healthcare plan is first-rate — our family never worries about coverage or costs. It’s challenging work, and I occasionally even feel like I’m making […]

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Investing 2020: A Beginner’s Comparison Guide

Real estate crowdfunding investing is a way for ordinary investors to profit from high-quality real estate properties that were mostly unattainable a decade ago.  After the U.S. Congress passed the JOBS Act of 2012 (Jumpstart Our Business Startups), real estate crowdfunding platforms began to emerge, utilizing the new law and modern technology to empower investors.  […]

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Prediction: This is the Decade You Become Wealthy

You care about money. Not because it buys you fancy watches and luxury cars. But because it buys you independence.  I know you care more about financial freedom than material possessions because you’re here instead of Instagram.  Starting this month, and for the next ten years, you have an extraordinary opportunity. You can become wealthy.  […]

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11 Financial Goals to Set Any Time of the Year

Did the start of a new decade get you thinking about what financial goals to set this year? According to a motivational flyer in my office, 71% of Americans make resolutions, but only 8% succeed. Put me in that 8%. This year, I’d like to lose about 15 pounds. I also ate a lot of […]

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The 5 Best Investments in 2020 for Long-Term Growth

As New Year’s resolutions are fresh on your mind, there’s no better time than now to initiate and strengthen wealth-building strategies. To help inspire you, I’ve created a list of best investments for 2020. This article is about where you can direct your money and time this year so that ten and twenty years from […]

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Is it Smart to Use a Home Equity Loan to Invest?

Utilizing a home equity loan or line of credit (HELOC) is surprisingly less popular these days despite record levels of homeowner equity (see chart).  Mortgage interest rates are still hovering near all-time low levels after a few rate decreases from the Federal Reserve. The big banks are eager to lend money, but they’ve raised their […]

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I’m a 24-Year-Old YouTuber with 500,000 Followers — Here are 4 Reasons Why Young Investors are Struggling

I’m excited to present a guest post this week from a prolific YouTuber named Ryan Scribner. Ryan talks about investing and personal finance on his YouTube channel, where he’s amassed a following of nearly 500,000 subscribers. He also runs the blog Investing Simple where he shares reviews and investing tips for beginner investors. When he […]

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How to Build Lifetime Income Without Annuities

Have you heard advertisements about creating lifetime income for a secure retirement? I’m always skeptical about annuities because they are so confusing, even for those of us that pay attention. Turns out, the term “lifetime income” is a marketing phrase meant to demystify annuities by highlighting their main benefit. Unfortunately, a new marketing campaign doesn’t […]

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Traveling to 45 Countries Taught Me These 8 Things About Money

A week after graduating from college, I flew to London and spent the summer riding trains and sleeping in hostels around Europe. Two things became clear that summer. I had no interest in more formal education, and I wanted to travel a lot more. The fastest way to travel again was to find a decent-paying […]

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6 Things I Love About Debt

Debt is the boogie man of personal finance.  It doesn’t get much love from most bloggers, probably because most people do stupid things with debt instead of smart things.  High-interest credit card debt is foolish. Payday loans are ludicrous.  But a mortgage is a solid financial tool if you’re prepared to buy a home and […]

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M1 Finance Review 2020: A Top Broker for Long-Term Investors

This M1 Finance review was last updated on 01/02/2020.  We recently witnessed significant disruption in the online brokerage industry — a waterfall of competitive positioning and change. It all started with Interactive Brokers, one of the smaller players in the space. They created a commission-free trading platform, virtually eliminating trading fees. Soon after, Charles Schwab […]

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Free Book Giveaway! Choose FI – Your Blueprint to Financial Independence

Some friends of mine published a new book this month. It’s called . And I’m giving away five paperback copies. Previous book giveaways for Chad and Tanja were hugely popular, so I’m excited to do another for the Choose FI book.  The contest is a little different this time. I’m using an ice breaker game […]

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