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StreetShares Review – Earn 5% Lending to Veteran-Owned Businesses

This StreetShares Review was updated on 03/07/2019 StreetShares is a Reston, VA-based small business lending and investing platform that aims to bring trusted digital financing to veteran business owners.  Small business loans are funded with investments made by individuals and institutional investors, making this a peer to peer lending platform similar to LendingClub. However, instead […]

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3 Top Retirement Income Securities Yielding Above 5%

Hey everybody. This week we’re fortunate to have a guest post talking about retirement income securities that yield above 5%. This article is from Bob Ciura, a writer at Sure Dividend. Today’s article recommends three retirement income securities of three different flavors. The first two you’ve probably never heard of. The third, you most definitely have (but […]

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Work Optional – A Free Book Giveaway

Another friend of mine in the personal finance blogging world has written a book about early retirement. It’s called Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching Way by Tanja Hester of the blog, Our Next Life. After a few years of anonymous blogging, Tanja left a fast-paced career to become a leading voice in the FIRE […]

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Car Payments Featured

Eliminate Car Payments from Your Life (and Never Go Back)

If you want to get serious about taking control of your financial life so you can build wealth, it’s time to eliminate car payments. Car payments are a persistent nag on the lives of U.S. consumers. But they don’t have to be, and shouldn’t be even with low interest rates. Because they crush your monthly cash […]

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Another Day in Corporate Paradise

Elevator small talk is the worst.  Riding the lift with someone you know and talking about your work or weekend is fine. But when strangers are stuck in the confined space for a 30-second ride, I don’t see the point in talking. In my 20-some years of riding office elevators, I’d never heard a decent […]

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How I Measure Progress Toward Financial Independence

This article is about how I measure progress toward financial independence (FI), which I consider a prerequisite to my early retirement goal. The terms financial independence and early retirement are often used interchangeably. I consider them different. Financial independence is a financial milestone. Retirement is when I’ll stop working completely. I plan to reach financial […]

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4 Reasons to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate Properties

Independent landlords who own residential real estate typically own single-family homes, condo units, or maybe a small multifamily real estate property such as a duplex or triplex. Multifamily real estate properties can require substantial capital and significant elbow-grease before being ready to produce positive income. Until recently, single-family and small multifamily properties were the primary […]

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Should You Max Out Your 401(k) in 2019?

The department head at my job invited me into his office for a 30-minute chat when I first started. We spent the time getting to know each other and talking about our past experiences and current roles at the company. Then he asked if was contributing the 403(b). I live and breath this stuff so I saw it […]

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The 5 Best Investments in 2019 for Long-Term Growth

Even if New Year’s resolutions aren’t fresh on your mind, there’s no better time than now to determine what smart money habits to initiate this year. To help inspire you, I’ve created a list of best investments for 2019. These ideas are for long-term investors and those looking to earn more this year.  This article […]

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Here’s How I Track Spending in Excel Using Pivot Tables

I use a simple Excel spreadsheet with pivot tables to track spending. I’ll explain why I started this exercise this year and why I felt the free online tools were inadequate for my purposes. Tracking spending this way is a compliment to tracking net worth and my taxable investment portfolio. With an accurate annual spending number […]

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Bumped App Review 2019: Free Stock Rewards from Brands You Love

This Bumped app review was updated on 12/08/2019. My account is now worth $83.74 and I own 11 stocks. The majority (about 70%) is in Target and AT&T. I’m excited to share my experience with a brand new investing app on the scene. It’s called Bumped, a Portland Oregon-based startup. This app is like nothing […]

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13 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Hobby

One of the top three emails I get from readers is how to come up with ideas to make extra money. I often send readers to other websites for idea lists. But this week’s article has a bunch of suggestions for how to monetize your hobby.  Monetizing a hobby is an ideal side gig because […]

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5 Ways to Profit from the Amazon HQ2 Selection

The Wall Street Journal first reported, it’s official. Amazon HQ2 coming to Crystal City! Bezos confirms. Read on to learn five potential ways to invest based on the Crystal City selection. #1 is Fundrise, a D.C.-based real estate investing platform. Own high-quality D.C.-area real estate assets for a $500 minimum investment.  Amazon ignited a rush of excitement […]

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Create Multiple Income Streams for Security and Wealth

When I lost my job last year, my former employer didn’t have the means to pay me a severance. Not even close. Our family had emergency savings, but it was our multiple income streams that kept us afloat. Five years earlier, a job loss would have been much worse. But since I saved and invested […]

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