The Triforce Of Wealth

The Triforce of Wealth is about earning more, spending less, and investing the surplus that is saved... and rescuing princesses, it's about that too.

After two years of begging, I finally received a classic Nintendo NES Game Console from Santa in the sixth grade. One of the original video games for the system was the masterpiece, The Legend of Zelda. The Zelda franchise is an enduring global video game phenomenon enjoyed by gamers worldwide. To date, Nintendo has produced 18 titles in the series for its various consoles.

A recurring storyline in the series revolves around the Triforce, which is made up of three singular golden triangles called the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom, and the Triforce of Courage.

The protagonist of the series, Link, goes on journeys to retrieve the pieces of the Triforce from various bad guys and hiding places and goes on to save Princess Zelda.

When all three pieces of the Triforce are combined, they create an inadvertent triangle in the middle. If an individual acquires all three pieces of the Triforce and assembles them, that person (good or evil) will be granted any wish they desire for the remainder of their life.

So long as they keep all three Triforces together.

The Triforce of Wealth

It’s often said that building wealth is simple, but not easy. Most of us intuitively know and understand the keys to building wealth because they are simple. But we struggle to implement them in our lives.

Three singular Triforces must be assembled to create the Triforce of Wealth, if you will, to be truly wealthy.

  • Earn More – The Triforce of Power
  • Spend Less – The Triforce of Wisdom
  • Invest the Surplus – The Triforce of Courage

No one Triforce is self-sustaining. Like a three-legged stool, all three must remain intact to achieve financial wellness, happiness, and everlasting wealth.

Earn More – The Triforce of Power

He or she who possesses the Triforce of Power (the ability to earn a high income), shall be granted an unlimited amount of mystical power. This holds true in society, as those with high incomes can purchase material objects that mystify their neighbors and colleagues. This power is unlimited for as long as the Triforce of Power remains in possession.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Danger is possible if the Triforce of Power falls into the lap of evil.

The Triforce of Power alone does not make the powerful complete.

Spend Less – The Triforce of Wisdom

The Triforce of Wealth is about earning more, spending less, and investing the surplus that is saved... and rescuing princesses, it's about that too.
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He or she who possesses the Triforce of Wisdom (judicious frugality), is also granted special powers. These powers include the ability to see one’s future (of prosperity), and mastery of using penetrating vision to identify the foolish spending behaviors of mortals.

More importantly, those who have obtained the Triforce of Wisdom spend their gold on necessities and objects that bring them joy and comradery, not on articles and gadgetry meant to exhibit opulence.

But the wisdom of eternal frugality alone is not enough to bestow wealth and happiness upon a worthy saver.

Invest The Surplus – The Triforce of Courage

He or she who possesses the Triforce of Courage (to steadfastly invest undeterred by external forces) displays confidence and unflappable persistence in times of prosperity and despair. They fear not fluctuations in economic conditions and never heed the advice of unproven philosophers or practice the witchcraft of deviants.

Those who demonstrate acumen and sound judgment over long periods of time, even in the face of dragons and talking heads (and bloggers), shall prevail. The unwise shall fail.

But the Triforce of Courage alone cannot satisfy the heartfelt intentions of pursuers of wealth.

The Assembled Triforce of Wealth

Those who obtain all three Triforces will be granted as many wishes as they desire until they die. So long as they retain the assembled Triforce of Wealth.

The assembled Triforce of Wealth requires balance and resistance to temptation, but also occasional extravagance. The Triforce of Wealth rewards generosity and nobleness, yet punishes ignorance, greed, and pomposity.

Those who overindulge the Triforce of Power will forget the wisdom of frugality and become careless with their surplus.

Over-reliance on the Triforce of Wisdom may cause one to forget the importance of income, and lead to uninspired courage when one should be investing with fortitude.

And Triforce of Courage may severely punish the arrogant and overconfident investor. It becomes weak when it lacks a sound foundation of income and cash flow fostered by the preceding two Triforces.

It’s the zen-like balance of the assembled three Triforces which makes a man or woman truly wealthy by way of financial wellness, happiness and contentment, and the ability to bestow peace and good deeds upon others.

Earn more. Spend less. Invest the surplus. Then rescue the Princess.

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  1. Great read! It all fell into place and made a lot of sense. I like that it shows all three are needed and not just any one.

    1. Thanks… channeled my childhood video game nerdiness on this one. Don’t get to play much any more, but loved Zelda. Actually have a version of it for the Wii, but haven’t touched it in years.

  2. Save the princess….and live happily ever after!

    It’s blasphemous for someone of my age to admit this, but I hated Zelda. Couldn’t get into it, but I can totally get into the Triforce of Wealth!

    1. That’s pretty sad, Ty. Such an awesome game. But I can see losing patience trying to acquire riches. We’re you more of a Metroid guy? That was probably my all-time favorite.

        1. Yes, Yes, Yes. ExciteBike was the first game I remember being crazy about. It was at an arcade. Contra, obviously, played that a ton. DD some. I actually never played Megaman. Had Kid Icarus instead.

    1. Thanks DGI. It’s inspired by the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule. You really should be complimenting them 🙂

  3. Great stuff. One must focus on all 3 of these forces to build wealth. Building wealth is pretty simple. Is it easy? Nope. 🙂

  4. LOL. Love the analogy. Who doesn’t want to rescue the Princess? You know you’re old and the game is when the kids enjoy it too.

    1. DD,
      Crazy to think the original Zelda is 30 years old now. So impressive how Nintendo has kept their characters alive after all these years.

  5. Smart Provisions says:

    Great read, RBD!

    I really like how you were able to tie in Legend of Zelda into your post and make it relatable to gamers! Now to trek on and continue all three pieces of the Triforce!

  6. Someone should start a blog that includes those three steps in the name. 😉

    Good stuff!!!

  7. That it awesome. Zelda was a great game and investing is a great game now to me.
    This made me smile, thank you.

  8. RBD, great minds! My girlfriend just introduced me to your website via facebook and I recently wrote a post very similar to this one on my own website. I would LOVE to get your opinion on my article if you get a chance to leave me a comment It is actually so amazing to know that there are other likeminded people across the world.

    I’m a Londoner and from what it seems like, I am a few years off you – though I cannot wait to be where you are! I’m quite new to this whole blogging bollocks but there seems to be a far bigger community than I ever thought!

    P.s. I’m a huge Zelda fan – have been hooked since the Phantom hourglass and Twilight Princess!

    1. MTM,
      Your girlfriend sounds like a keeper! Glad to hear from another big Zelda fan. Sometimes it seems what I write goes in and out of the readers who don’t get the joke/analogy. Checked out your site. Good luck fitting in with the douche bloggers at Caffe Nero.

      1. She is definitely a keeper! Also when it comes to Zelda analogies, I always get the Link…. (I laughed way too much while typing that one). And yup I will try! The Nero Douches don’t like newcomers!