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When to Sell Stocks and Buy Bonds

Risk-free government Treasury yields have risen dramatically over the past year. The increase is a direct result of the Federal Reserve rate increases that started in 2022.  Higher short-term yields are good for retirees and give us multiple options to earn risk-free returns on idle cash while maintaining liquidity.  But the fast pace of the...

NewRetirement Review: The Complete DIY Retirement Calculator

NewRetirement is an online retirement calculator and planning tool. It’s the most comprehensive financial tool I’ve ever used — miles better than any elaborate spreadsheet.  I’ve been tinkering with NewRetirement since 2017, when I met the Founder, Stephen Chen, and explored the tool for some articles I was writing at the time.  I used the...

4 High-Yield Alternatives to Savings Accounts

Inflation is eating away at our wealth quarter-by-quarter. It appears to have peaked in May 2022, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate increases. But the chart below shows how the products we consume have recently become more expensive. Source: The Federal Reserve is mandated to target 2% annual inflation as measured by the...

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