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Passive Income Ideas
Dividend Aristocrats

Here’s How I’m Investing Each Month

I’ve maintained a long-term buy-and-hold investing strategy since about 1995. The month-to-month details have changed quite a lot over the years, but the basic principles are mostly the same: Invest first, spend second Max out tax-advantaged accounts first Invest in taxable accounts second Keep transaction costs and stock sales to a minimum Diversify income streams...

How to Prepare for the Next Crisis While Times are Good

Crises come around every so often — personal crises, family crises, national crises, political crises, market crises, and global. The events are often predictable, but their timing is not.  Scientists predicted a virus such as COVID-19 could infect humans and cause severe health and economic consequences.  But no one knew the specific date, where it...

Perfect Grass

Perfect grass seemed like the ultimate suburban pursuit.  I’ve always envied lush green lawns and sharply trimmed edges — the kind you fear stepping on at wealthy over-55 communities. But after ten years of living on a quarter-acre lot, my lawn is mediocre.  A diverse patchwork of weeds and crabgrass decorate our front yard. Each...
Featured photo by Daniel Cuevas via Unsplash